Sunday, September 1, 2013

We are home!!

And we have been home. I am so sorry I neglected to keep up after we got back . It has been crazy!! In the 8 months since we have been home we have done 3 MRI's 5 sedations, seen 10+ specialists, filled out mounds of paperwork, and done 2 post placement reports. The girls are adjusting really well. The first 2 months were really hard. Glad we are past that stage.....The learning curve for going anywhere with 3 25lb + non walkers was overwhelming! Then GraceLynn is still a wobbler so she needs a hand on her at all times too! I think I can best catch you up in pictures. Medically both girls now wear glasses and GraceLynn wears hearing aids. They start kindergarten next week, and I will try to post again. Thank you for everyone who helped us bring them home through prayers, finances, and support! We are forever grateful!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Back at the Hotel

Well it took a LONG time to make it back to the hotel. But we made it. We got in around 9:30 Bul@ri@ time. I was so stressed and exhausted by the time we made it in. I had wanted to meet with Michelle Hill and Wendy Shupe for dinner. But our driver stopped about every half hour to hour to smoke, get snacks, drinks, go to the bathroom, etc. What should have taken about 5 hours to drive took 7 1/2 hours. In America we try to make quick time when we travel with children, in this country, not so much!

As soon as we got in I got the girls bathed and we skyped with everyone at home. The kids were so excited!!! Soon we go to get our visa pictures done and medical appointments done. Then we have a few days of down time. Praying tomorrow has less smoking and quick appointments!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


We had to be to the orphanage by 8am so I met Danny and Marti at. 7 am for breakfast. Breakfast in Dobrixh was much like breakfast in Sofia. Hard boiled eggs, toast, cheese and salami bar, olives and fresh oranges or bananas.
They eat their fruit much riper here than in the states, so I really didn't enjoy it, but the olives are delicious! At the end of breakfast I ran to Billa ( the grocery store). To grab some cookies for the kids at the orphanage. Then we went to the orphanage.
I was so excited to finally be meeting my girl. As I walked in there was a security guard sitting to my right watching a small 8" tv. He took my name and went and got the social worker. She was excited that I was finally there, and stated that GraceLynn was in playing.
We went to her office, to the left of the stair case then out to Gracelynns Wing. They had me go into a small room just beyond the first door and she went into the second door. I sat my stuff down and turned around and there she was. Orange sweat shirt and blue jeans. Big brown eyes and a poochy little lip. I couldn't stop the tears from coming. I quickly took her in my arms and hugged her so tight. I gave them the clothes for Grace to wear home, and one of the care givers got her changed. The lady thought she looked ready for the disco, too funny!
Then we went to the directors office, signed on two pieces of paper, have them a copy of my passport, and that was it. Just as we were leaving I asked the security guard if he had any pictures for me, and he had one called "the dreamer". I gladly paid him for it and we left.
GraceLynn stayed very quiet getting buckled and on the ride over to Razgrad. Once again we ran into a few road blocks, but we got there in a couple hours.
Delaneys orphanage had a lot of staff running around and was much darker and less inviting. We rang a doorbell to get in. We were met by a random caregiver. Then waited in the hall for her to go get the director. We met in her office first where she gave me a picture of delaney when she was younger. Then she waited for her token gifts, quite obviously! So strange. They brought me in a bag of things I had sent for delaney, that she obviously never got to use. And then we went up to her wing. GraceLynn sat in the directors office while we went up.
Just as I got upstairs, delaney was brought strait to me already dressed in clothes I had sent ahead of time. I was even more emotional picking her up. I think it was because it was the end of a long journey!!! They let me go and see where she had slept, and take pictures of a few kids for another family that was adopting them.
Then we went back down stairs I signed in two places, no pictures of my passport were copied and we left. It took us until 9:20 to get back to Sofia. What a stinking long day. We were suppose to have dinner with another family... Ya that didn't happen. We were exhausted by the time we got back. GraceLynn took a bath and I put both girls to bed. Day one down! Hopefully tomorrow will be a fun filled day!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Long day

We got up early to head out to dobrich to pick up GraceLynn and Delaney. After getting into Sofia last night. Our attorney Toni and her brother Marty went to the hotel and eat dinner with me. After dinner I took a hot shower and went to bed.
At 9:30 Danny (our interperater and Toni's cousin) and Marty showed up to take me to dobrich. They assured me it was a 4 1/2 hour trip even though google said 7 hours. And we took off.
The country side is mountainous in some areas and rolling hills in others. There are trees everywhere. My favorite thing is some of the villages are built right into the sides of the hills. It is quite beautiful. It reminds me of screens from the original Heidi movie. Needless to say, we came across two road blocks and had to change our route twice, and it took us 7 1/2 hours to get to dobrich. That was a very long trip trailing a 18 hour travel day just the day before!
Well here I sit, 10:18 pm and I am becoming emotional thinking I will be holding and meeting my girls in just a few hours. This is a day I have been dreaming of for 18 long months. It was more than worth it. Lord please ready their hearts to be loved on and cherished. Let them know in a way that only you can that their new mommy and daddy are safe and love them very much. Please reassure them that it will all be ok, and give them peace that can only come From you! Also comfort their caregivers and staff who have grown to love and care for them. Saying goodbye is going to be bitter sweet for them. Please help them to see the great love we already have for GraceLynn and Delaney, and help them find joy for these girl. I your name!!!
One more sleep and they are forever ours! Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Take flight

This has been the most emotional thing I have ever done. I started out excited! Then the nerves set in. Oh boy!!!
Two days ago in a matter of one hour I went from fine, to my throat hurting, to running a fever, chills, and ultimately sick.
Today I traveled over 19 hours to get to my girls, and feeling a little bit better.
It is snowing here and cold.
Marty and Danny will be here at 9:30 am to pick me up and take me on a 8 hour road trip to Dobrich. There we will spend the night and and then go pick up the girls in the morning. I can not believe the day is here!
Wow!!! Pray for safe travel across the country tomorrow, and be prepaying for the Holy Spirit to go before me and ready the hearts of my little girls. Prepare them to accept love, a family and change.
More tomorrow!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Yesterday we got our travel sat to pick up our girls. I'll be holding them in my arms December 8th! I can hardly believe it! I am over the moon excited! Bags are packed and all I need to do is Go! Soooo exciting!!! Il be back home with them on the 15th.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Orphans No More

At 3:06 am I received an email that court is over and we are the proud new parents to two more little girls! With tear filled eyes I am amazed by our Father's great faithfulness! today I am a mommy to 7 children! I never thought I would say that!!!!